R&L Engineering, Inc. provides quality services to a diverse range of industries. It is our mission to find solutions that work best for our clients. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to work with our clients as a unified team to develop solutions and provide services.

Every business system benefits when it integrates smoothly with the other systems. Your systems generate valuable data that can be utilized across the enterprise, simplifying communications and uncovering cost efficiencies. Collecting, storing and distributing real-time production data as part of system automation allows plants to identify the cause of operational and quality issues as well as assist in effective troubleshooting.

R&L Engineering works with the clients to implement Information System management, helping managers analyze their production data in order to make informed decisions in a timely manner for increased productivity, quality and profitability.

The key to having these systems work smoothly together is a well-designed and executed networking and communications infrastructure. R&L Engineering has the experience and expertise needed to design and implement networks for a wide variety of industries and functions. 

LAN/WAN Systems

Modern systems rely on seamless network communications. This seamlessness is critical to both the Business and Control Networks. Information flows from the plant floor to the boardroom and back down, as well as across the enterprise, from inventory tracking to payables and receivables, payroll and even customers. Let R&L Engineering help you design your business networks for maximum flexibility and compatibility.

Wireless Technology

Modern wireless technology provides valuable automation options for all industries by improving workforce productivity, safety and security. A robust wireless solution enables access to all assets in the facility, including equipment, cameras and people. It also eliminates "blind spots" in areas that have been technically or economically unreachable. R&L Engineering understands the standards for wireless compatibility and security. We can advise and assist your business with the design and implementation of your infrastructure, utilizing the best and most innovative wireless technology available.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has evolved into one of the most widely utilized digital communication technologies in the world. RFID, combined with mobile computing and Web technologies, provides a way for organizations to identify and manage their assets. Its value as an automatic identification technology derives from its ability to reduce time and labor while improving data accuracy. R&L Engineering is qualified to help you pursue your RFID technology requirements. We offer a full and wide range of operations consulting, software implementation and systems integration services.

Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access gateways allow you to interact with your automation system using native programming tools.  Services also provides extended functionality including data logging and alarm notification via email and SMS.  R&L Engineering can provide an easy to deploy and a cost effective, yet powerful and flexible remote connection to your automation system.

Remote access to your machine from virtually anywhere:

  • Secure access via the Internet using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Data Logging and Reporting
  • Alarm and Event Notifications
  • Simultaneous Serial and Ethernet Device Connectivity  




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