We offer the best technology available in a cost-effective package.

R&L Engineering, Inc. provides services to a continuously growing range of industries. It is our mission to find the best solutions for our clients. We work with our clients as a unified team to achieve these goals. 

R&L Engineering, Inc. is a recognized provider of industrial automation hardware and software in Good and Beverage Process. Our PLC and HMI menu driven systems provide complete process control. Process changeover to a new product is as simple as clicking on a different "recipe" from a user friendly HMI display screen. All new equipment settings and process calibrations are accomplished automatically.

Current Systems

Process Automation Hardware and Software developed for this industry is readily transferred to other processing applications.

  • Raw material and finished product conveying controls.
  • Bottle air conveyors control systems designed to maximize throughput and reduce damage. 
  • HMI interfaces to allow the systems to be optimized for a range of bottle sizes.
  • Palletizers customized to the clients' requirements.
  • Batch Recipe handling with quality control parameters.


Citrus Processing

R&L Engineering, Inc. offers a variety of process automation software, processing equipment and field support services in the Citrus Handling and Packing Industry. Our Packer Identification Printer (PIP) system streamlines the packing process and offers the industry standard for labor accountability and inventory management. Our RFID-EPC Tagging Systems offer 100% read rates and are compliant with current major retailer standards. Our patented "COBS" carton and T-9000 tray erecting equipment are industry standards for high-speed, low maintenance performance.

Current Systems

Fresh citrus packing, sorting and inventory control systems:

  • Packer Identification Printer (PIP) generated compound barcode printer
  • Sorting, accumulation, storage and inventory control by scanned Compound Barcode database
  • RFID-EPC Tagging at case and pallet level



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